Hong Kong Sap Consulting – Everything You Know Before You Purchase Training

SAP Security is part of SAP Basis module in SAP. Module is the system management piece in SAP. This cuts across all of the modules. This is more related to systems management and SAP Administration. To learn SAP Security or SAP Basis the individual do not have to have any domain name experience or does not need to be a consultant.

Who’s Suited for Learning SAP Security Module

Getting into SAP Module is the individual who’s familiar with working on computers mainly with excel, word, web and email. Be able to navigate the screens in almost any software in the computer.

Trouble Shooting Skills will be Useful for Learning SAP

There are Arts but they will be great in trouble shooting on the issues in the computer and network. They correct the issue and will have the ability to trouble shoot. They reach the solution and will shoot the issue. This is what is necessary for learning SAP.

Some of the areas in sap consulting hk are System functional and administration. You need have the expertise in the area. By way of instance if you would like to enter in job system you need have understanding of project systems business procedure.

Hong Kong Sap Consulting

Learning sap is not a rocket science:

SAP is a solution Has modules. You are not re-engineering or creating applications. The SAP Consultant is duty is to understand the company requirement of the business and configuring the software as the requirement of the company.

Here’s a solution Attempting to configure in SAP system. This example will provide you high level perspective of the system management function in SAP.

Central User Administration called SAP CUA

Common Problem:

Let say on your business has four systems. If the Quality, development and Sandbox systems have manufacturing and each to 3 customers has one customer. If there’s when he needs access to of the systems and a user in the business you have make his user identification 10 times. As you have to create users in each system.

Problems with this approach

Considering that the system administrator is Entering the master information last name, first name, email etc in the system there is lot of potential for information. The system administrator will probably do lot of work to finish the task. In this scenario we shall hook up multiple The user id is managed by systems from one system and .  You can Use the answer and understand that you have known the company scenario of the issue / tools. As a erp software hk your job is to help the customer configure and execute the solution.