Magnetic Loop Amplifier – Pioneer Premier Series

Leader generated among the very best product lines in vehicle audio industry with their Premier Series amplifiers. As early as 2005, Pioneer has made great innovations with the Premier Series in amplifier modern technology, characterized by their world power handling and performance. By the end of 2007, the Premier PRS Series can conveniently be considered a world-class amplifier, including smooth and also small style in addition to Pioneer’s unique brand-new pure-sound-generating technology.

Introduction of 2007 PRS Series

The current (2007 and also newer) PRS Series Amplifiers feature a variety of solutions for your auto sound demands. They have offered for you monoblock amps, 2-channel amps, as well as 4-channel amps, offering you no less than 1200 watts max on every one. Additionally, their exterior layout is even more appealing than the average amplifier on the market. For me, this is an additional fantastic and also to the PRS collection amplifiers because you cannot help yet assume that it would certainly look good in my car, instead of searching for a way to conceal it.

The PRS digital Boucle magnétique showcase Pioneer’s new ICE Power innovation. With it, it would be basically impossible for you to listen to any kind of sort of distortion, enabling it to produce a far more pure noise than any type of various other amplifiers out there. That is not all! You’ll locate that the amplifier will certainly additionally generate an exact bass with incredibly clear mid-range and also high-range sounds. You will not even need to stress over the amplifier gobbling power from your vehicle because these amplifiers are incredibly effective, which would certainly decrease heat generated from the amp also and also allowing it to funnel more power right into your sound system.

The New 2008 PRS-A900

If you think all of that appears great, wait until you hear about the brand-new January-released PRS-A900! Audiophiles globe wide have anticipated the launch of this new PRS Series 4-channel amp and also they have excellent factors to. It is the initial of its kind and also you can be certain than many more will certainly come. It features everything from the previous year: electronic amplification, excellent outside layout, extremely reduced distortion, and also incredible efficiency. But Pioneer did not just duplicate their 2007 models but also added some brand-new features. Unlike any other amps, the PRS-A900 showcases a totally different left as well as right channel power supply, a filter-less style, and also building style that safeguards against external disruption. The outcome of these features is a far enhanced sonic purity production from the amplifier!